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Claddagh JewelleryCladdagh Jewellery

The Claddagh Ring's history goes back over 400 years to a time when Galway was known as The City of the Tribes. On the outskirts of the City Walls was the little fishing village of Claddagh. Within the City lived the Joyce family, and many tales are told about them. In particular, there is one of a Young man named Richard Joyce, who, while in his youth, was captured by pirates and sold as a slave to a wealthy Turkish Goldsmith. As time passed, Richard Joyce learned his master's craft, and became an expert Craftsman and Master Goldsmith. Eventually Richard earned his freedom and returned to his native Galway, where he designed and produced the now world famous Claddagh Ring. For the people of the Claddagh village, the gold ring was often the largest investment they would ever make. Traditionally the ring was kept as a family heirloom and passed down from Mother to Daughter. The Claddagh Ring served as an engagement ring, and later as a wedding ring. It was also used as a gift between friends. Over the years it has come to symbolise love and friendship. As jewellers of distinction, Hartmann's of Galway carry on the tradition of making the Claddagh Ring in Galway, within a stone's throw of the Claddagh village. We at Hartmann's have the privilege of manufacturing the Claddagh Ring in our workshops in Galway and our Claddagh Collection of Jewellery has to be seen in it's entirety. Our exclusive range includes Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Cufflinks and a Special Edition gemset Gold Claddagh Ring set with fine quality diamonds and a genuine emerald heart.

We hope you enjoy wearing our Hartmann's Claddagh Jewellery Collection.

"Let Love and Friendship Reign"

Wear this ring on your right hand, with heart turned outwards and the world will know that your heart has not yet been won.
Wear it on your right hand, with heart turned inwards and it shows you have friendship, and love is being considered.
But when worn on the left hand with heart turned inwards, it means two loves have joined forever.

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